Assaf Frank Photography

My name is Assaf Frank I am a fine art photographer who travels the world capturing beautiful moments and I must say I love my job. My collection is constantly evolving combining photography with digital post production to produce striking images. I feel at home outdoors and I have a love of nature as I grew up on a farm close to the beach in Israel. My creative eye led me to photograph landscapes, cityscapes and floral images which I am well known for. This gives me a good balance between being on location and spending time in the studio. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with a love for attention to detail and I hope this shows in my work.

I work with many publishers globally who sell my images but here on my own  website I have selected some of my personal favourites for you to enjoy. Available as photographic prints that will a lifetime in your home or office. Also available on request a custom made murals to cover entire walls or commission my designer to come to your home or office to design a selection of my artwork to suit your space (London and surrounding areas).

I live in Surrey, UK with my wife Ailsa and our little dog called Bobby.