Sagebrush Fine Art

  Our Principles are Simple:  

Gain customer's loyalty by going above and beyond. We realize that service is expected, while loyalty is earned.
Treat our customers friendly and fairly, get to know them personally.
Offer great art at great prices.
Take care of our employees so they will take care of business.
Stay current with trends.

Philosophy of Business:

We have always believed that business is simply, "people working with people." No matter what part of the globe you are from, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Our customers are the main priority. Sage has always believed in keeping things simple and basic. Frequently remind ourselves that we are selling art, not saving the world.

Michael Singleton, co-owner of Sagebrush Fine Art, has always had two favorite quotes that serve as business models. The first being: "Man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously," and the second one being, "Tomorrow is promised to No One." Remember these two principals and the rest will fall in place. We strive to keep our employees happy, as we realize happy employees are productive employees.

Our History:

We established Sagebrush Fine Art in 1991 the company was named after our first daughter Sage. In the beginning it was just the two of us and Sage, who played in a playpen in the corner of our small offices. We always hoped she would be quiet when the phone rang. Eventually we went on to have two more beautiful daughters, Lindsey and Ashley. Our three children have been the motivation for us as owners and we have always believed that family comes first. Business was very difficult, with one child, a new business, and no money; we took a chance anyway, throwing all caution to the wind. "I distinctly remember a time during our start up where I brought home fresh flowers for Susan. I thought it was a nice gesture, however, she felt like we needed to purchase food more than enjoy the flowers, she was not pleased. Money was tight and she was right." We had to make many sacrifices to get our company going.

Our first catalog featured 65 images. We borrowed enough money to print our first catalog to feature our first line of images. We attended our first tradeshow ever in San Diego, California. We remember it like it was yesterday and our product was received very well.

There have been many struggles along the way; however, we would not trade our decision to start this business for anything in the world except maybe a large inheritance before we started! After all this time, we still have FUN and love this industry.

We have always been "hands on" as owners. We have been blessed along the way with wonderful employees, some who have been with us from almost the beginning! Imagine that, employees working for 20 years right alongside of us. This is a rarity in the work place today.

We plan to be in this industry for as long as we are enjoying it and having fun! Or until our three daughters finish college and get married!

Michael and Susan Singleton