Wild Apple

We find, create and deliver great art for the world.

Wild Apple has two related businesses, art publishing and art licensing. Art publishing refers to reproducing original artwork as prints and posters. Wild Apple sells to framers, who in turn sell finished "ready to hang" framed prints to retail chains, furniture stores, the hospitality industry and others. Wild Apple pays artists a royalty on sales of posters of their artwork, much like a book publisher-author relationship.

On the art licensing side, Wild Apple acts as agent for artists to place their imagery with a wide variety of manufacturers, from dinnerware to rugs, wallpaper to paper napkins. Manufacturers pay a royalty on their sales, which is split between the artist and Wild Apple.

Core Values

Do business by the golden rule: treat artists, customers, suppliers, and each other the way we want to be treated.

  • Make business fun.
  • Provide friendly and speedy service
  • Go out of the way to create great presentations.
  • Improve. Learn.
  • Run squeaky clean.
  • Eat Chocolate.

Our History

Wild Apple began in 1990 in the Woodstock, Vermont farmhouse of John & Laurie Chester. Not having enough room to store inventory under their beds and in closets, they now occupy a warehouse / office building in West Woodstock. Wild Apple is included in "Best Places to Work in Vermont" and is a recipient of Vermont's Deane C. Davis Outstanding Business Award.