Patrick J. Reynolds

Born in New Orleans, I realized the value in fine art. As a young boy I was exposed to the best of the best that the art world celebrated. Because of this, I learned how to paint feelings on canvas, something that cannot be spoken or gestured in words but pure feelings. Emotion came after I matured as an artist, the intensity of a piece can only be felt by the emotion in which it was executed. This was a creed that I lived by for many years.  Today I have pushed the envelope of art in a direction that has not been explored. The works that I complete now speak from years of observation and learning about the human spirit.  Every nuance and subtle change in who we are affects everything else, just as the subtle changes in colors on my canvas.  Exploring the rhythm,  color, and intensity of each work brings me to new heights as an artist, I hope that it is transferred from my canvas to the viewer with the same intentions and power that was poured into each of these pieces.