Art Licensing

Art Licensing may be a ubiquitous concept…but we can assure you we are unique in every way. It started out as a passion for the arts by our founder and CEO, Jack Appelman and has grown into one of the leading commercial licensing companies in the world. The varied styles and mediums of over 800 artists in our archive reflect Jack and his staff ’s ever widening interest in two-dimensional imagery. Just as every artist within our archive is a unique creative, each and every contract we develop with our customers is individually designed to meet the demands of a fast paced and ever evolving industry. We strive to answer the art call of every manufacturer and their specific product categories by fostering excellent communication between our enthusiastic licensing team, talented artists and honored customers. We consistently recruit new art and new artists to both match market trends and reinforce the classics with the right kind of freshness that never goes out of style. We may be a small company, but our hearts are as big as the world when it comes to getting great art out there for all to see.