Quick Start Guide

POD Exchange allows you to print the published images right on your own wide format printer.  Simply sign up, licenses images, buy credits and start printing.  Below are the steps you need to follow in more detail.  Please note that our system only works with Wide Format printers.  Digital Printing Systems are not supported.  We recommend you check HERE for your printer model before proceeding.  If your printer does not use "Roll" paper, you should check before you proceed.

1. Sign Up – Just fill out the new account form and submit it.  We will review your information and approve your request ASAP.  Please allow up to 24 hours for approval due to the different time zones around the globe.

2. Get Agreement - Click the link for each publisher you would like to use and submit the “Agreement Request” on their page.  This request will show up for each publisher that you do not currently have an agreement with.  Once you submit the agreement request, the form will no longer show for that publisher.

3. License the Images - After you receive notification that your agreement has been updated for the publisher(s), select the images that you would like to print and “License” them by clicking the “License” icon at the bottom of the image.  This icon is shown on the expanded view of the image so you must click the thumbnail to expand the image.

4. Purchase Credits - While you are waiting on the license approval, purchase a “Credit Package” from the website.  You must have sufficient credits to print the images.  Credit usage is determined by the size you are printing and the price per square inch assigned by the publisher.  This calculation is made in the Image Editing Software that you will get in the next step.

5. Install Software - Once you have received the updated “License” notice, download and install the Image editing software. This will download the POD Loader program which will install the POD Client software as well as the RIP Software.  You must purchase a RIP license to use the POD Exchange System.  Additionional HELP and training is available so give us a call if you need assistance.

6. Open the Image - When you run the Client Software, all images that you have a valid license for will show up by clicking the “Open From POD” icon.

7. Print the Image - Size and edit the image and export it to the RIP software and print!  Note:  Editing capability may vary by image and publisher.