POD Exchange System Details

POD Exchange is a service that brings Publishers, Artists, and Photographers together with Manufacturers having the capabilities of producing their own fine art prints.  This union is mutually beneficial.  Fine art reproductions can be performed in house and truly On-Demand.  With advancements in digital printing technologies, manufacturers of fine art can reproduce copyrighted works in house for a better price, instant turn around, and zero freight expenses.   Please note that POD Exchange only works with Wide Format Printers.  Digital Printing Systems are not supported.  Click HERE to see a list of supported printers.


Publishers (Providers)

If you are an Artist, Photographer, or Publisher of copyrighted works of art you can now offer the “rights” to reproduce your work to a community of manufacturers with in-house printing capabilities.  With our advanced software you can encrypt your high resolution image files and license them for printing to your customers.

Each encrypted file is uploaded to the POD Exchange server and only available to the user for which you have licensed.  You will receive agreement requests from the users at which time you can specify pricing and restrictions.  POD Exchange then gives the customer access to your images.  Detailed transaction reporting is available at any time on our website.  Any transactions against your encrypted files are included on a monthly royalty statement along with payment of all royalties due on those transactions.

Printers (End Users)

If you are a manufacturer or have the ability to reproduce art in-house, POD Exchange offers the ability for you to work directly with the Publishers, Artist, or Photographers or browse their Image Gallery and request licensing their work.  Just create an account, install the image editing software, purchase credits, and you are ready to start printing published art right on your own printer.

With POD Exchange, you receive pricing directly from the publishers.  After you sign up, simply click on any of the publishers and submit the "Agreement" request.  The publisher will update your request with the pricing per square inch that you will pay to print their images.  Since each publisher assigns their own pricing, POD Exchange cannot quote pricing to you directly.  As a general rule, most publishers range between $0.01 - $0.02 per square inch on paper and between $0.0225 - $0.04 per square inch on canvas and fine art paper.  These are just averages so it is best to establish the agreements and know your price.  Feel free to contact those publishers if you want to discuss pricing with them.

Once you sign up for your free POD Exchange account, just follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Download and Install the Image Editing Software on your Windows Computer - Download
  • Request Agreements from your favorite publishers by clicking on their logo and submitting the form
  • Browse the images and license the ones you want to print
  • Purchase Printing Credits
  • Run the Image Editing Software to export your licensed images to the POD-Carbon RIP Software.

Using our Image Editing Client, you will have the tools available to make modifications to the images.  Resize, add colored borders, automatic cloned borders, crop, and color adjustments are just a few of the tools available.  Modifications to the image can be saved so you can "apply" the same changes each time you download so you can reproduce images "exactly" the way you did on prior printings.  Download the User Manual for the website and Image Editing Client HERE!


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